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Lawsuit Settlement

There are many lawsuits that are filed in court and many others that are settled out of court for very huge amounts. Lawsuits filed in courts are sometimes even not given a hearing for the want of evidence and other formalities. The most popular lawsuits filed for are, labor and unemployment, personal injury, contracts, product liability and intellectual property.

Take for instance the case of a young man who was involved in a car accident and suffered injuries to his ribs and legs. The car was damaged and the young fellow had to miss work for almost three months time. Now the other person involved in the accident has got insurance and a lawyer is summoned from the side of the young fellow who gets in touch with the other drivers insurance company in order to get a lawsuit settlement. In such cases the outcome of the settlement depends of the policy of the insurance company that is under the scanner.

Since the other driver is at blame the cause of the accident is not disputed. The young man's attorney will then try to argue the case keeping in mind that the young man had lost his days of work and subsequently his pay, the hospital bills as well as the amount that had to be spent for towing the car. The amount that will be argued for will be in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.

The basic stand of the lawyer when arguing with the insurance company is whether the young man will be able to recover the wages he had lost for the time he was in the hospital. After this the lawyer will then contest for the charges that were incurred for the hospital bills the towing charges a well as the repair charges that will have been incurred by the young man. Thus the lawyer will try to get a quote for an amount that will be constituted as pain and suffering charges.

In short any lawyer will try to get his/her clients a settlement amount that will not be taxed and thus ensure that the clients are happy with the outcome of the proceedings. Most of the lawyers try to argue the amount keeping in mind the tax payments that will have to be made. Thus in most cases the amount that is argued for will be in terms of damages incurred considering pain, trauma and suffering and not solely as repair amounts for the damages to the vehicle.